Threat & Vulnerability Assessment in Hostile Austere Environments

For Utilities, Corporations,  Public Event Venues, Government Agencies and Military


Case Studies


Airfield Assessment For Hostile Austere Region

Provided the assessment and repairs of damaged airfield runways in hostile regions that included exterior and

interior perimeters.  In addition, an analysis of enhancing stationary security measures were developed consisting of the following:




Secure Facility Assessments Of Hostile Austere Region

Conducted a comprehensive analysis of secured operational facilities in war zones that included identification of possible penetration points, interruption of power grids, hardened structures, evacuation routes, breaching points, supplementary power, and maximizing security forces.


Initiated remediation to enhance security operational procedures on secured structures that included counter surveillance, and enhanced stationary security measures.



Secure Transportation Routes In Hostile Regions

Conducted the analysis of all phases of the transportation routes, that included planning, manpower utilization, emergency evacuation, communications, alternate routes, GPS tracking, security positioning, vehicles and ambush precautions.




Foreign Construction of Sensitive Facilities

Coordinated design-build and retrofitting of multiple projects in the austere regions of the Middle East and Africa. The projects focused on maximizing security and producing the appropriate security standards required. Through the understanding and a comprehensive familiarity of fixed and stationary security measures, these projects generated over $20 million in TVA expenses.



Hardened Structure Site Security Assessments

Conducted proactive assessments identifying systematic weaknesses in interior, exterior perimeters and hardened structures. The assessments included physical protection systems, exterior intrusion systems, entry control systems and alarm systems.



Secure Facility Site Assessments

Comprehensive diagnostic reviewing of risk analysis, on secured facilities that included physical protection measures, physical protection upgrades and precautions in the event of a penetration.



Contingent Plan Site Assessments

Design adversary-synopses to produce heighten awareness and to think out of the box. Critical thinking skills of personnel were developed for awareness and implementation of contingency planning procedures.



Security System Site Assessments

Conducted profiling of security systems and developed counter-measures to heighten parameters.



Data Mining Site Assessments

Developed data mining software that correlates all pertinent security protocols, provides critical information of possible vulnerable areas and subsequent remediation goals and objectives.