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Threat & Vulnerability Assessment

TVA Qualifications


TVA Consulting has the field experience to provide your company with the precise, practical expertise necessary to mitigate your security risks. As a leader in the development of Threat Assessment software, our team has the proven ability to provide assessments that enhance security precautions, effective planning and forecasting your budget.


To maintain the most secure environment possible, we start by using our proprietary software and trained professionals to give your organization many advantages. TVA software was designed to be used in stringent environments, capable of capturing and sorting security risk data to provide enhanced security protocols.


TVA Consulting applies computer applications combined with trained professionals to provide data needed to improve your security environment. Having an actual assessment of your security protocols compiled with our "TVA Site Overlay" app, we generate detailed reports that enhance your threat & vulnerability security plan.








Construction Site Security Management (CSSM)


Counter-Surveillance Operations & Techniques


Covert-Surveillance Operations & Techniques


Capture, sort and identify relevant information, to mitigate potential threats


Detailed analysis of all RISK elements


Enhance efficiency and cost management through proprietary TVA software application





Public Events